Solution For Low Back Pain

That nagging dull ache has bothered you for ages. Now that it’s too late to prevent the problem, we can only prevent the pain from getting worse. The following steps can be taken to help lessen your back pain whenever it arises.


A very popular choice for many; sometimes getting a well-deserved massage to release the tension in your back is a good way to relieve aches. However, it is not recommended to rely solely on such passive options as the effects are often short-lived. The maintenance of an active lifestyle with adequate low-impact exercise and stretching, is the one of the best options.

Heat therapy

There is no harm in using heat therapy for short periods, but care must be exercised to avoid skin burns.

See a doctor

If the pain is CHRONIC, meaning the pain has lasted for more than 3 months, then SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY.

Not every back pain needs surgery

With recent advances in medicine, many non-invasive treatments are now available to tackle any kind of back pain. If you, or someone close to you, are suffering from back pain, consult a pain specialist immediately. You will be surprised at the number of options there are for back pain treatment at The Pain Specialist, and how easy it is nowadays to find some of the root causes and get effective treatment. After all, who needs nagging pain as a constant companion? If you dream of regaining our quality of life and/or resuming your active lifestyle, then seek help; you can turn this dream into reality with the right treatment.