The Principles of Pain Management

Pain management in Singapore is a medical specialty that came out after years of trying to treat all types of pain. These include musculoskeletal, neuropathic, and spinal disorder pain. Through accurate diagnosis and right early intervention, physicians and health care providers aim to help patients avoid spiraling into a continuous state of chronic pain. They aim for the patient to at least have reduced level of pain and also to improve the patient’s overall quality of life. For them to attain such goals, they make use of minimally invasive procedures and the right use of treatments and medications. Every year pain management is able to help thousands of people.

Understanding the Role of a Pain Management Physician

There are physicians who specialize in treating your pain and for them to be able to do so they are trained in physiatry, anesthesiology, and they undergo subsequent trainings in pain management.


This is also known as physical medicine. Rehabilitation physicians are experts when it comes to bones, nerves, and muscles who treat illnesses and injuries that can affect the way you move.


They are trained to help in alleviating chronic pain with the use of different interventions and minimally invasive procedures.

Apart from their degrees, physicians have to complete a fellowship and specialized training in pain management. Through this physicians would have an in-depth knowledge on the physiology involved in pain management as well as the proper diagnosis by means of specialized tests. This also enables pain specialists to use specific treatment procedures that include minimally invasive procedures and medication management strategies that help ease symptoms.

A pain management treatment plan often depends on the nature of the pain. It may be acute or chronic. This level of pain is often managed by means of medical methods, alternative therapy techniques, and psychological methods. With short-term acute pain, brought by trauma for instance, there are medications that are available over the counter. There are also herbal and natural or alternative medicines available. Dealing with chronic pain on the other hand is different since it lasts for a longer time and it is more complex in nature.



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