Post-Operative Pain

There’s no way around it: Even minor surgery may leave you with some degree of pain. However, getting a post-operative pain treatment with a pain specialist will not only increase your comfort, but actually speed up your healing.


Post-operative (after surgery) pain could be a result of injury to your skin, muscles, and nerves during the operation. The amount of discomfort may be affected by the length of the operation. Other causes of post-surgical pain include the type of anaesthetic used during the operation, gas in your bowels, and anxiety.


Post-operative pain in the area of the surgery may be accompanied by anxiety, restlessness, sweating, and an inability to move. If you have too much pain to walk, talk, or breathe normally, you need more medication to ease your suffering.

Patients who have undergone these surgical procedures are more likely to develop chronic post-operative pain:

Limb amputation,
Hernia repair,
Breast surgery

Post-operative Treatment Options at The Pain Specialist

Most of our patients at The Pain Specialist benefit from post-operative pain medication, such as, orally taken drugs and local anaesthetics.
Our specialists may also prescribe acupuncture and minimally invasive targeted injections. After some major operations, morphine and epidural/nerve blocks offer the best pain relief.

Advanced post-operative pain treatments in Singapore are also emerging, offering pain relief without causing many side effects. One such technique that we offer is the use of advanced nerve blocks via a catheter after a total knee replacement operation.

For severe cases of chronic post-operative pain, implantable devices may have to be considered.

Chronic post-operative pain often causes patients significant distress and in severe cases, depression. At The Pain Specialist, you will benefit from having a psychologist involved in your care.

If you are already suffering from pain after surgery and looking for treatment or seeking a doctor’s help, click here.