Neck Pain

Most of us tend to ignore the nagging ache in the neck constantly hounding us, as we think it would simply disappear the next day. However, it is important to know the extent of your neck injury before it worsens to become extremely painful and expensive to treat.

Causes of Neck Pain

Two-thirds of Singapore's adult population spend most of their days glued in front of their computers and laptops. As work is often a top priority, most may not know how to care for their posture or take time to stretch and relieve tense muscles. The common causes of neck pain can be traced back to various external and internal factors.

It could be due to:

physical or emotional stress,

sleeping with improper postures,

minor accidents from rough or sudden actions,

referred pain (caused by problems in another part of the body) or

most commonly, too much strain.

Drivers are highly susceptible to whiplash, which is caused by sudden acceleration or deceleration, affecting and distorting the neck. Whiplash could be minor and only cause stiffness, but it could be as serious as a fracture or dislocation.

Minor Neck Discomforts Could Worsen

Did you know, however, that these minor neck pains and discomforts that you get from prolonged postures can lead to full-blown muscle inflammations, ruptures of tendons, and even wear and tear of joints? Thus, it is advisable to take action immediately before it worsens to become a more serious issue.

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