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Why you should not ignore back pain

Pain is one way of your body saying that it has a problem. Thus, you must not ignore it no matter what.

Lower back pain is one of the common cases of body pain nowadays, particularly among adults. It is often caused by strenuous lifestyle, as well as diseases or injuries in your muscles, bones or nerves in the spine. But little does everyone know that it can be caused by something more severe.

Back pains are often attributed to problems like osteoporosis, but there can be more severe reasons for your lower back pain. Among these reasons might be appendicitis, kidney, and bladder infections. It can also be a form of cancer pain: the tumour might be pressing on your bones or nerves, causing back pain. Pelvic infections also lead to lower back pain.

Whichever the reason might be, lower back pain – or back pain in general, is a problem that should never be ignored by anyone. It is important that you find a reliable specialist that can help you find the best treatments for your pain.

Finding a specialist who can help you relieve your back pain is also important. Fortunately, there are pain clinics in Singapore, who can offer you expert advice and provide you with excellent treatments to ease you of your body problems.

The Pain Specialist is among the top clinics in Singapore offering pain management treatments. They specialize in a wide range of conditions, which includes knee pain, neck pain, cancer pain, and pains caused by surgeries. Patients receive consultation from top pain specialists in the island, and get the proper treatment afterwards.

No one should ever ignore the body pains they experience: who knows, it might be the sign of something worse. Don’t hesitate to consult a doctor to determine the cause of your lower back pain, and get the right treatment right away.

Finding Relief from Cancer Pain

Cancer  is one of the diseases that people dread to have. It is an unpredictable disease, and it can target even the healthiest of people. It is simply a traitorous and deadly disease, and what’s worse is sometimes the pain it causes is worse than the fact that it can be fatal.

Cancer pain is no doubt one of the things that burden the patient the most. It can be caused by the tumour which burdens the patient’s bones, nerves, and other organs in their body. Sometimes cancer has nothing to do with it; it was rather due to the treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Moreover, there are many different types of cancer pain, and they require different types of treatment. Nerve pain or neuropathic pains are often experienced by cancer patients after surgery. There is also the bone pain caused by cancer. Then there is also the phantom pain and the referred pain: phantom pain refers to the pain coming from a part of a body that has already been removed, like in the breast area after mastectomy, while the referred pain refers to a pain from an organ in your body which you will feel in a different area of your body.

Regardless of the type or cause of cancer pain, it is important that you visit a specialist who can help you relieve your pain.

At The Pain Specialist in Singapore, patients who are suffering from cancer pains will be able to find treatments for their relief, provided by top professional specialists in pain management. They offer consultation and treatment for acute and severe cancer pains. Relieving patients of their cancer pain actually contributes to their recovery, and so the pain specialists make sure to provide them with the best treatments possible. From anti-inflammatory drugs to nerve blocks, they are prepared to help patients by alleviating their pain for as much as possible.

Cancer is tough to deal with, but you do not have to bear the pain it causes all the time. It is best to find a reliable pain clinic that you can always count to relieve you of your suffering.

Physical Pain and Pain Clinics

People are not that familiar with pain clinics as that place where health cases that cause discomfort are discussed. This place is a specialized one that focuses on the diagnosis and the management of chronic pain. Chronic pain is that type of pain that lasts for more than six months and it is said that pain may transfer from being acute towards chronic in a span of six months. In general, this kind of pain is caused by any malfunction in the nervous system. This can be divided further into two types which are nociceptive which can be deep or superficial and neuropathic which can be peripheral or central.

Superficial pain is just the same unpleasant feeling as that of deep pain. This type of pain is triggered by the stimulation of nociceptors found in the superficial tissues. Deep pain is also known as somatic or visceral pain. This is the type of pain wherein the nociceptors are stimulated in the deeper tissues such as in blood vessels, tendons, bones, fasciae, and muscles. It starts in the viscera or organs and that’s why it’s hard to locate. If people experience visceral pain, often it results to referred pain. There are times when pain seems to be farther than the part where there’s injury.

The pain that originates at the peripheral nervous system is called neuropathic peripheral pain. This can be described with the use of several terms such as tingling, burning, stabbing, pins and needles and even electrical. The central pain starts in the spinal cord or the brain.

People suffering from chronic pain can’t live their lives fully and actively. This is why there are pain clinics to help them. Such clinics vary on the services they provide. There are those clinics that specialize on pain experienced in certain regions of the body.

What You Need to Know about Neck Pain

Injury to the soft tissues is what causes most of neck pain cases. The soft tissues are the tendons, ligaments, and muscles that are found in the neck area. It could be normal to feel neck pain at the end of the day. However, there are instances when the neck pain happens continuously and it comes with a tingling sensation. This sensation is also seen as the overall numbness but there may be times when you also feel stiffness, burning sensation, a dull ache, or the worst part all of them.

The modern lifestyle and activities that come with it are not that kind to the neck such sitting for long hours behind a desk, peering into the computer monitor for hours, and even sitting in a non-ergonomically designed chair. Sleeping on a pillow that is not in good condition or does not have neck support can cause neck pain same as sleeping on your stomach that might twist you r neck area. This may also be the case when you read or watch TV while lying down and your neck is placed in an awkward position.

Neck pain is often the result of strain or spasm in the neck muscles. This could also come with pain in the shoulder area since the muscles and the tissues found there are interconnected. This pain may also be brought about by inflammation in the neck joints. This may include a number of them since that’s just the way the neck is constructed. Neck pain may also be caused by arthritis or damaged disks. It is however important for a person who suffers from chronic neck pain to know the cause of it.

By the time you find out the cause of the neck pain preferably with a physician’s help, you can choose from the many neck pain relief options available for you.

The Basics of Back Pain

Many people suffer from back pain. In Singapore, experts claimed that about 90 percent of the people would likely suffer from back pain for the rest of their lives. The most common form of it is lower back pain. Your back is what controls every movement of your body. That’s why it is prone to injury. The major drawback about back pain is that it is debilitating which would prompt a person to skip work to see a physician. It is considered as the second highest cause of disability experienced by people under the age of 45.

Back pain is not a diagnosis of a disease; it is a symptom of an underlying condition. It can be classified into two types which are chronic and acute. Acute back pain is pain that comes suddenly usually because of injury. This is the most common kind. It is said to be resolved in less than a month and not more than six months. Chronic can come quick or slow but it lingers for a long time. Chronic back pain can last for three months or longer. There are even those who suffer from chronic back pain their whole lives. This type of back pain is not that common.

There are different causes of back pain and they are classified into the following: mechanical causes, tumors and infection, injuries, and acquired disorders. Mechanical problems are those that have something to do with the spine. Back pain may be caused by herniated discs, spinal degeneration, sciatica, and others. Back pain may also be caused by injury to the spine or the ligaments and muscles found in the spine. Infection can cause back pain when it involves the vertebrae. Tumors although rare can also bring about back pain. Back pain may also be brought about by medical problems that people are born with like scoliosis.

Cancer Pain Management

When there is something wrong with your body, chances are you are going to experience pain, which serves as an early warning signal. Things such as back pain, neck pain, and neuropathic pain are like signs that you have to go to the doctor and start changing your lifestyle for the better. And then there is the cancer pain.

Cancer Pain can occur due to a variety of reasons. It can be due to the cancer itself, either from where it started or to the areas where it spread. For example, the tumor can put pressure onto the nerves and bones of the body as it grows. The cancer itself can simply cause pain by damaging the tissue near it.

Another cause might be the cancer treatment. Be it surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation, cancer treatment has after effects which can cause body pain. It is inevitable to feel pain after surgery. Radiation leaves side effects like burning sensation after treatment. Chemotherapy, on the other hand, weakens the body after treatment and can cause a variety of side effects, such as nerve damage.

While cancer pain can cause extreme discomfort to the patient, there are a variety of ways to prevent it. At the Pain Specialist, there are a variety of solutions being offered, depending on the condition of the patients. There are prescription drugs like paracetamol, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and opioid medications. There are also other treatments such as acupuncture to help ease body pain. And for cases of severe cancer pain, treatments such as Nerve blocks are offered. Nerve blocks involves the injection of anaesthetic medication on certain parts of the body, to provide long-term pain control. These are few of the methods that pain specialists use to manage cancer pain, in order to help patients bear the pain longer.


Understanding Neuropathic Pain

Pain is actually a warning signal that tells us that our body is in danger, and neuropathic pain is just the same. Neuropathic pain comes from nerve damage, a warning that tells you that your body has experienced damage, due to various reasons. It can be due to drugs, diabetes, or injuries. Patients will experience various symptoms for which they described differently, but mostly something like shooting and burning pain, tingling, and numbness.

While nowadays there are pain management clinics out there to help ease neuropathic pain, it is best to understand it in order to find out how to properly deal with your condition. There are actually a variety of ways to help ease the nerve pain.

Keep Your Blood Sugar in Check

Diabetes is one of the causes of neuropathic pain, and it occurs due too high amounts of blood sugar. Thus it is best to keep your blood sugar in control in order to ease nerve pain.

Exercise Daily

Not only does exercise help you lose weight, it can also help ease nerve pain. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which serve as natural painkillers. Moreover, exercise promotes blood flow which helps in nourishing damaged nerves back to health.

Sleep Well

Sleep is a good way to help ease the body from damage. Having proper amount of sleep can also help ease nerve pain. Lessen your caffeine in order to have a good night’s sleep, and avoid being disrupted by neuropathic pain.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcoholism is also another cause of neuropathic pain. Too much alcohol can be toxic and cause damage to one’s body, and so it is best to lessen alcohol intake for as much as possible.

Neuropathic pain can be a long-term condition, which can disrupt your daily life. Thus it is best to understand this problem, and find ways to deal with it for as early as possible.

Avoiding Back Pain in the Simple Way

They say that lower back pain is one of the most common reasons why people visit the doctor. There are a lot of causes for this. It can be due to a sprain, a fracture, or an injury you got from an accident. It can also be due to a disease, such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. Or, it can be caused by your body’s current condition – people who are overweight are prone to occasional back pains.

Thankfully, there are pain specialists today that can help ease your back pain. Then again, as older people always say, prevention is better than cure. It is better to find ways to prevent having back pains. Here are some tips for you:

  1. Exercise is Key

We all know that exercise is a great way to keep your body fit and healthy at all times. It is also a great way for you to prevent body pains. Of course, this has to be followed by proper amount of rest afterwards.

  1. Stop Smoking

It is a common knowledge that smoking is truly bad for one’s health. While it is commonly known to be bad for your lungs, it is actually also one of the reasons for back pain. Smoking restricts the flow of nutrient-containing blood into the spine discs, which results to a weaker spine and risk of back pain.

  1. Lose Weight

As it has been said; back pain can be caused by being overweight. Those extra pounds of body weight can actually shift your center of gravity, thus putting a strain on your lower back and causing pain. It is best to avoid this by maintaining a fit and healthy body through proper diet.

Even if there are new ways developed to help people deal with their back pain, prevention will always be better than cure. These few tips, when done regularly, can help prevent pain and discomfort in the future.

3 tips to having osteoporosis free lifestyle

Many Singaporeans face Osteoporosis head on every day, from the pain of walking down stairs to the pain within their joints when the weather changes. Contrary to common perception, people who suffer from this chronic pain are not only the elderly but young people as well.

So how do you prevent Osteoporosis from knocking your door? Below are 3 simple prevention tips –

Firstly, make the change in your diet. The main reason why people get osteoporosis is due to weaken bones which means that in order to prevent it, you should consume nutrients that strengthens your bones.

Calcium is a common compound that can be found in dairy produce like milk, cheese, etc and they can help to strengthen the bond between bones while Vitamin D can help to increase the absorption of calcium into your bones. These work hand in hand thus, by having them in your diet, you are one step further from painful bones.

Secondly, regular exercise regiment. Bones weaken when they are left alone and not active. Exercises do not require extreme duration to the gym or pumping maximum weights. From walking, jogging to even climbing the stairs a few times in a week, your bones can gain the workout they deserve and you gain the solution to a osteoporosis free life.

Thirdly, stay away from smoking and alcohol. Bone degeneration starts from the little things in your life. Smoking is harmful for the lungs yet many do now know that it also prevents your bones from making new bones and thus, recovery is much slower. While smoking affects the recovery of bones, alcohol inhibits the intake of calcium into the bones.

Prevention is better than cure and definitely, the key to a osteoporosis free life is early prevention!

Dealing with the pain – Myths Busted!

With the amount of online data today, we no longer look to the specialists for solutions but instead, we turn to the Internet for help. However, most of the times, the information that is online may consist of opinions and experience and does not work for everyone. Unless certifies by a specialist, health remedies in particular should not be taken fully.

Similarly, many of us who deal with pain on a daily basis turn to certain unknown advice which will lead to undesirable consequences. With this, let’s bust some myths online!

  • Pain killers can help suppress the pain for long term

Unlike some illness that can be kept under control with drugs, chronic pain cannot be suppresses for the long term just by consuming pain killers. Yes, the pain is kept at bay temporarily however, once the pain comes back, it will come back even stronger mainly because the body has already gotten used to the pain killers thus, they no longer have any effect on the pain. The intake of pain killers also causes side effects like drug addiction and even liver damage!

  • The body must rest in order not to aggravate the pain

It may be true for injuries caused by movements like sprains, fractures, etc. However, for chronic pain, it increases as your body become stiff over time due to the lack of movement. The body weakens if there are no regular movements as our bodies are naturally conditioned to move. Activities like yoga, jogging, stretching are good in decreasing chronic pains.

  • Chronic pain does not warrant a visit to the doctor

Probably not to a general physician but once the pain disrupts your lifestyle, it definitely warrants a visit to a pain specialist. Such specialists can advice you on some changes you can make to your lifestyle as well as prescribe some medicine or treatments to help with the pain. By letting a professional know what you are facing, you can help you body seek help more effectively.

Myths are come about from some truth but they often distort the true remedies with certain influences. Rather than spending time listening to them on how to cure pain, it is always better to seek sound and effective advice from the specialists!